ChildEats: who are we?

We are a family-owned and operated team of food professionals on the mission:
to deliver fresh, organic, and locally-sourced meals for the future generation.

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What else sets us apart?
Our dedication.

Exceeding the guidelines

All of our meals are developed, following the guidelines from FNS USDA and ISBE. After that, every recipe is carefully crafted with little brains in mind for every growth stage that lasts a lifetime.

Dedicated team

From certified dietitians, to trustworthy delivery drivers, our staff is dedicated to provide nothing short of excellence. Your daycare food delivery service gets top-priority treatment 24/7.

No obligations

Transparent prices, up-front policies, and customer-centric approach to business unite into a risk-free partnership you can rely on. Stay as long as you like. Cancel anytime you wish.

Meet the Chef

ChilEats' Chef Vitaliy is critically-acclaimed by adults and top-rated by kids.

ChildEats chef

Nutritious food is his passion

Chef Vitaliy proudly combines his life-long passion for cooking with locally-delivered ingredients, and adds his expertise as a father of three.

Local food producers

Growing up on a farm in Ukraine, Vitaliy personally knows the difference between locally-sourced foods and store-bought. That's why supporting local farmers in a sustainable way that tastes its best is on top of his priorities.

Kids eat with eyes

Junior clients are more fun to make the food for, yet more demanding when it comes to colors & textures. That is why we take a little extra time and care to make sure even the pickiest eater leaving with a big smile.

Never gets boring

Chef Vitaliy is never short on fresh and mouth-watering ideas. That is why every month he is sizzling with an excitement to send out new monthly menus. Daily deliveries to daycares in Chicago and surrounding suburbs are conveniently provided by a dedicated team in biodegradable containers ready to serve.

Family = Team

Behind him, is the team of the best-qualified professionals. Every meal is created by certified dietitians, customized by a daycare professional, freshly prepared by our Chef the morning of, portioned by age, and focused on growing minds.

Delicious & nutritious meals for daycares start here.

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Organic & made-from-scratch daycares meals

Exceeding food guidelines

Flexible meal plans

10,000+ of happy kids

New menu items every month

A piece of mind for parents

Meals that help with better grades

Balanced meals, including fresh fruit, vegetables, home-cooked soups

Risk free, cancel any time.

Delivered fresh daily